Schedules of Classes

About the Schedules

Here are a few important things to know about this web site.

Schedule Line Numbers

Schedule Line Numbers are not displayed for some sections. Please contact the department for information about these sections.

Full or Closed Sections

Sections displayed in gray are full. Sometimes a section that is full may be cross-listed with another section. Cross-listed sections fulfill the same requirements, so taking the cross-listed section may be an alternative worth considering.

Closed Versus Cancelled Sections

We use the term "Closed Section" to describe a section that is full. It may be possible to enroll in a closed section with the instructor's permission. "Cancelled Sections" are no longer offered and thus enrolling in a cancelled section is not possible.

Data Updates

The information provided by this web site is updated once each day. The number of students enrolled in each sections also appears in these schedules. For this reason, enrollment changes that occur during the day will not appear until the following day.

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